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Please fill out the form to send us a message or request a Martechnical™ Biotechnology Consultation. We respect your privacy and will not share your information with third parties. Please do not use this form to inquire about or apply for a job with Martech Research. Visit our Careers Page for employment contact & résumé submission information.

Martech Research, LLC
15 Myrtle Drive
Bishopville, SC 29010
Corporate Offices: 803 428 2000
Manufacturing Facility: 803 483 9289
Corporate FAX: 803 428 1598
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Key Sales & Marketing Contacts

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Amie Maresca
Founder | President & CEO
Bishopville, SC
T: 803 428 2000

Benedict ‘Benny’ Maresca
Founder | Chemist & Technical Director
Bishopville, SC
T: 803 428 2000

Debra Cox
Customer Service
Bishopville, SC
T: 803 428 2000

Sharon Spruell
Design & Marketing | Public Relations
Charleston, SC
T: 843 714 9227