Martechnical™ Biotechnology Consulting

Solving Problems + Saving Money
Martech Research, LLC is involved in many stages of research and development in multiple fields. Our scientists have contributed their time and expertise to several organizations and panels, and they have been recognized for their work.

Among these associations is the Institute of Food Technologists, on whose International Nanofood Committee we serve. In addition, Martech Research has been certified through the British Retail Consortium—by way of a double A “AA” rating from independent food-safety auditor AIB International—for participation in the Global Food Safety Initiative, whose mission is “safe food for consumers everywhere.”


Martech Research is a member of the American Chemical Society’s Agricultural and Food Chemistry Division, as well as the Water Environment Association of South Carolina. Martech’s engineers provide information and contribute innovative new formulations to research teams for two Fortune 500 companies. Martech Research also maintains an ongoing dialog on new protocols with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Putting this estimable track record to use, we established Martechnical™ Biotechnology Consulting to educate our customers about better ways to solve problems and save money. We invite you to join with us in helping make the Earth a healthier place to live.