Our Story

Thirty years ago, when we were a young married couple, I noticed that my husband, Benny, a chemist, often read the labels on the products I used throughout our home. He was shocked at some of the ingredients that were contained in everything from food to cleaners to toiletries.

At the time I didn’t think much about it. Thirty years ago no one was using terms such as “all natural,” “healthy,” “green” or “eco-friendly”. Eventually, I began to understand Benny’s concerns and realized he was right. What we put in and on our bodies, as well as into the environment, affects our health and our Earth.

Benny knew he could formulate products that didn’t rely on harmful, toxic chemicals. These products could be healthier for us and for our environment. So together we started Martech Research — a company that puts the focus on safe, natural, responsible alternatives.

Today this mission is reflected in a variety of clean-label food and beverage products that are formulated to make a great impression — not only on your taste buds, but on our world’s health, too.

Yours in health and happiness,

Benny + Amie Maresca