Adhesives & Polymer Products

Natural Polymers & Adhesive Compounds

Adhesive binding is used to fasten two dissimilar surfaces. The key to the adhesion process is an agent that anchors the adhesive on both surfaces. The scientists at Martech Research have studied the chemical composition of various surfaces to find natural-based ingredients that can function as an anchor on a molecular level.

Coal tar, petroleum and carbohydrate seeds were used in the past to create these adhesives. In today’s changing environment and financial whirlwind, companies are looking for more sustainable, renewable approaches to these challenges.

Martech scientists have studied natural molecules and combined them in order to change their adhesion, flexibility and waterproofing characteristics. The result is a series of systems, based on fermented and renewable sources, that displays excellent adhesion to paper, glass and ceramics.

Because this strategy is not linked to the petroleum or agricultural industries, it’s immune to volatile price fluctuations. It also is environmentally friendly and fits Martech’s Earth-saving philosophy (the Gaia theory).

Martech Research, LLC, can custom-formulate products to fit each of our clients’ exact needs. Contact a MartechnicalTM Consultant for more information.