Clean Label Natural Additives

Clean Label Natural Additives

A More Appetizing Approach To Eliminating Microbes through
our Shelf-Life Extenders & Flavor Enhancers
As a leading developer of clean label natural additives, Martech Research is one of the few companies that grows microbes for fermentation applications. This is why Martech Research offers an exclusive advantage in the knowledge of processes that grow, kill and eat unwanted microbes.

Using only GRAS-rated ingredients in our ingenious microbial and enzymatic formulas for clean label natural additives, our chemists have developed and tested our amazing food and beverage products in the field with exceptional, proven results. The staff at Martech Research LLC takes problems from the molecular level and works to solve them via natural processes. The result is safer, less toxic, more environmentally friendly products.

clean label natuaral additives

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The Perfect Recipes from Years of Experimentation

Martech Research has formed partnerships around the globe to exchange ideas and develop applications for new natural extracts and digestion methods. Many other companies have tried to mimic our approach. Their problem has always been a lack of information on the factors and nutrients needed to accomplish the reaction or system required for each unique application. Contact us for more information about our biodegradable Clean Label Food Additives today, and let Martech Research help you discover a healthy helping of Earth-friendly success.