The BioCleanse™ degreaser is bio-enzyme based and actually breaks grease down into simpler components. We no longer need to clean our grease / oil traps here.

DecoSan™ takes the place of three of our sanitizers from toilets, sinks, drinking fountain, and table cleaning. It is just as effective and I have found that it lowers sink cleaning time by one third to one half as the citric acid actually dissolves the calcium build up. It greatly reduces our use of Comet or Ajax and I have developed a lower set of time standards for bidding custodial jobs because of this reduced time on sinks and drinking fountains.

Tom was very helpful in setting up a chemical dispensing system for our use and instructed our staff in specific uses for the various cleaning products. We have lowered our base chemical usage from 6 cleaners to 3 base chemicals. This is much simpler and easier for our custodians. We are spending about the same amount of money per month on base chemicals with Martech Research as with our previous supplier of green products. I would highly recommend that custodial companies give Martech a try.

Mr. Russell L. Priest, Grand Traverse Industries