When I purchased the building from the ‘bank’ in 2012, I had no idea that there was a hazardous material in our oil / water separator and to top it off, I assumed that by having the bank’s (seller’s) Phase I Environmental Study up-graded and certified to me (my companies’ name) as the new owner, that I was free from any concerns inside and out.

In any event, the long story short is when the TCE (I believe that was the chemical) was discovered in our oil / water separator and I was told that I was responsible for cleaning it up, I was very disappointed and concerned about the financial obligation facing me.

By having you (Martech) come onto the scene and attack this hazardous waste with one of your companies’ products and render it clean and non-hazardous within a couple of weeks of treatment was, quite frankly, a blessing.

Thank you Tom Vander Leek, and thank you, Martech Research!

Tom, Private Individual Customer